Crash Proof Retirement
Crash Proof Retirement
Crash Proof Retirement

Welcome to JEnsley Financial!

We are dedicated to educating savvy families, investors and businesses about a unique set of insurance based financial strategies that have the power to optimize and increase the accumulation of wealth in your life and/or business…


Thousands of savvy families, investors and business owners have been using these little known strategies for well over a century! In that time the concept has been known by many names. Whether we call it Bank On Yourself, Infinite Banking, The Presidents Plan, 770 Plan, 101 Banking, Cash Flow Banking, Private Family Banking – or anything else, the practice of utilizing specially structured insurance contracts to create a rock solid, guaranteed, financial foundation for you, your family and your business, remains as effective (and powerful) today as it has ever been.

I look forward to helping you implement a financial strategy that:


Is a bullet proof cash repository – completely separate from banks and conventional retirement plans
Comes with Guarantees – Contractual guarantees unique ONLY to certain types of Life Insurance contracts.
Comes with tax advantages – Tax deferred accumulation, Tax free accessibility.
Is the last bastion of financial privacy.
Is a Financing source – Policy owner rights to access extremely low cost financing.

Is a real estate investment funding vehicle – Eliminate banks and hard money lenders from your investing life!

Is an ideal financial vehicle for businesses. Executive compensation plans, Buy-Sell agreements, Key Person coverage and more…

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My mission is to help you accumulate more wealth and experience maximum safety, control, tax efficiency and financial privacy.

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