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Free Financial Preparedness "Quick Audit."

Click on the image above to schedule a free, no obligation “Quick Audit.”

In a brief 15 – 20 minute phone call I will review and audit your current financial preparedness and provide:

  • Your safety ratio score. How much of your hard earned savings is really at risk? What can you do to better balance your exposure to losses?
  • Money In – Money Out Analysis. How does the interest you are paying on debt compare to the interest you are earning on your savings? Are you moving forward or backward financially?
  • Efficiency/Control/Safety (“X factor”) assessment. Are you sitting on a “tax time bomb?” How will you likely weather a financial crisis? What can you do now to better position your savings to survive – and profit – when the next crisis hits?
  • Fees and Costs Assessment. How much of your gains are you giving up to management and planner fees? How can you reduce it by 90% or more?
  • Diversification ratio score. Do you have too many eggs in too few baskets? How can you truly diversify your nest egg?
  • Life Insurance assessment. Are you under-covered? Over-covered? Using the right type of policy?
  • Retirement Account Assessment. Should you be contributing to your employer’s 401K? Are you contributing too much? not enough? Is that old IRA or Roth IRA doing all it could be for you?

Whether you choose to work with me or not, my simple but powerful “Quick Audit” process will give you valuable insights about your family’s current and future financial strength and security. Don’t delay, schedule your free, Quick Audit today!

Contact Info:

605 Main St #4014,
Vancouver, WA 98660