So you are the proud owner of a Bank On Yourself designed whole life insurance policy or annuity. If you are anything like me, now that a month or two – or six have gone by, you may not remember all the details like you did at first. This page is for you! My intent with this exclusive client page is to provide you with easy access to information and resources about your policy and to continue your journey to fully understand the powerful financial tool you have at your disposal.

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Want to share the Bank On Yourself concept with friends, family, colleagues?

Explaining Bank On Yourself, Whole Life Insurance, how it all works and why it’s, hands down, the best financial strategy out there, can be daunting. Here’s a few ideas that might help:

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You can simply introduce them to me by email John’s Email or by phone (360) 281-6495.

Send them to The J-Ensley Financial Website – my site is loaded with information and answers to frequently asked questions about a variety of topics related to the Bank On Yourself concept.

As you probably know, I am so so passionate about sharing the Bank On Yourself story with as many people as I can. Thank you in advance for using one of these easy methods to help me share this powerful concept with your friends, family and colleagues!

My Recommended Reading List

Ten thousand years of human wisdom recorded in books…

…and all we have to do to access it is open the covers and download it!

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In addition to the specific Bank On Yourself related videos below, I also highly recommend watching the entire “Hidden Secrets of Money” episodes #1 – #7. This series, by monetary historian and author, Mike Maloney, is an excellent, easy to follow primer about money (what it is, where it comes from), currency (did you know money and currency are two completely different things?). The videos also cover the Federal Reserve, Government and private debt, etc. etc. Here’s the links to each episode:

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