How We Serve

What is adventure/travel funding?
Adventure travelers are those hearty folks who set off for 30 days to six months or more of extended travel. Whether you are building a “Cruising Kitty” to sail around the world or a road trip across the country, we can help you with unique financial tools to fund your adventures today, AND simultaneously make you wealthier tomorrow…
What is Asset Protection?
Asset protection means something different for each one of us depending upon the assets we own. In a nutshell it’s about protecting your most valuable holdings from loss – perhaps caused by a death or disability, law suit, financial market disruptions, taxation, capital controls, etc…
What is Wealth Preservation?
Wealth Preservation is similar to Asset Protection, but specifically as it regards your financial assets. We work with strategies to protect your savings, retirement savings, college savings, income, cash flow, etc. from loss due to death, disability, law suits, financial market disruptions, taxation, capital controls, etc. Wealth Preservation may also include the tax advantaged transfer of wealth to future generations.
What is retirement funding?
Did you know there are options far better than IRA’s and 401k’s to save for retirement? There are a number of options that provide just as much opportunity for compounding and growth but with virtually no risk of loss or exposure to volatile financial markets. We can help you implement the tools to save for retirement without dealing with the roller coaster stock markets in a way that will provide you predictability, privacy, more control and most importantly, peace of mind.
What is small business self-financing?
Cash flow is always on the minds of small business owners at some level. Often small businesses use leases, credit cards, short term loans or lines of credit to help manage their company’s cash flow. We can help you implement strategies to improve cash flow, reduce tax exposure and use your own resources to meet your company’s financing needs- recapturing the financing costs for yourself, all while building a powerful owner retirement fund.
What is major purchase self-financing?
We specialize in helping families implement safe money strategies that allow them to become their own source of financing for virtually any major purchase – like cars, vacations, home improvements, etc. The same money building towards retirement long term can also serve to meet the families financing needs short term – without risking it or giving up any growth. In fact, when you re-capture the financing costs that would have gone to a bank, credit card company or finance company for yourself, you actually turbo charge your retirement plan to grow even faster!