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John Ensley, ChFC® is leading a financial planning revolution to help you take back control of your money, your life-style and your retirement plan. John believes ordinary financial planning is failing too many Americans. After losing almost everything during the great recession, John became obsessed with finding safe, predictable ways to save and create wealth, protected from the chaos and corruption of the conventional financial system.

Founded in 2012, John is president of J-Ensley Financial, a fiduciary, financial planning company. John holds a Chartered Financial Consultant designation from the American College of Financial Services, passed the rigorous series 65, investment advisers law exam, and is one an elite group of highly trained Bank On Yourself® Professionals.

John works with individuals, families, business owners and real estate investors who want to take back control of their finances, see their savings grow safely and predictably, become their own source of financing and create passive streams of income.

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