Hello and Welcome! My name is John Ensley, I’m the Bank On Yourself Professional Pamela Yellen has asked to prepare your Analysis. (There are less than 200 life insurance agents and advisors across the country who have completed the rigorous advanced training required to receive the Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor designation.)

I have reviewed the Analysis Request Form you sent in, and it gave me a brief overview of your personal priorities and concerns. While Bank On Yourself can certainly help you with these areas, there may be other areas as well and that’s the reason I need to speak with you by phone, at your first chance.

We use an online scheduling service called Time Trade. Please click on the link below to access my online calendar and select a date and time for our call.


When you pick the time that works best for you, you will be prompted to enter the best phone number to reach you on, at that time. And if none of the available times are good for you, just reply to this email and suggest a few that do and we’ll go from there.

Because response to the New York Times best-selling book Pamela Yellen wrote has been so overwhelming, I’ve blocked off time in my calendar during the next two weeks to conduct a Bank On Yourself Analysis for you and others who’ve requested it. If we aren’t able to schedule a short conversation during that time, I may not be able to work you into my calendar for several weeks, unfortunately.

There is a link below to a downloadable and savable PDF Welcome Packet to answer some of the preliminary questions you may have, such as:

  •       Exactly how can you benefit from your Bank On Yourself Analysis?
  •       Are there any costs involved in designing and implementing a custom-tailored plan for you?
  •       Who is John Ensley —and what makes him the most qualified advisor to help you?

The biggest regret most people say they have about Bank On Yourself is that they didn’t start sooner. That’s one regret I’d like to make sure you never have. I look forward to helping you achieve all of your financial goals and objectives, so please contact me directly at 360-281-6495 or by email: john@wordpress-994628-3496946.cloudwaysapps.com, or schedule online:  https://www.timetrade.com/book/QYD8L

John Ensley, ChFC®
Bank On Yourself Professional®