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At JEnsley Financial we ask a lot of questions and listen very carefully to your answers. Clearly understanding your most important objectives, dreams and concerns is our top priority. The more we understand you, the better we can apply all the processes, tools, and financial products at our disposal to help you maximize your economic opportunity and life-long financial well-being.

What We Do

Your life is made up of many parts, so when it comes to your dream of living your life to the fullest every day from now until the end, you need a holistic, comprehensive approach to make it a reality. That’s what we do. We listen, we learn, and we understand, using what we learn about your life as the foundation for your financial plan.

Our comprehensive design process will help you peel back the layers to reveal your most important needs, wants, and fears. You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions here. We employ cutting-edge financial tools and products from a wide range of financial service organizations to design strategies that maximize efficiency, control and safety. We strive to make these strategies a perfect fit for your unique circumstances and use them to meet your needs, deliver your wants, and neutralize your fears.

Who We Serve

As I see it, our approach can work for anyone, but it’s certainly not for everyone! While we can help any individual, couple, or family planning for their financial future, we really love working with those who don’t just want to build a good retirement strategy but desire to design an amazing life!

Why Clients Choose Us

We do things differently. Our clients are tired of traditional financial advice and want a different option. We believe our clients choose to work with us because we tailor our strategies to accomplish exactly what they want, all without taking unnecessary risks. We don’t make glib promises, and we back up our guarantees with hard numbers and real results.

Our Goal For You

More than anything else, we want your life to be filled with amazing adventures and no regrets. On the surface, financial strategy design seems to be about money, rates of return, and risk tolerance, but in reality, it’s not. It’s really about time and experience. Time is the only asset any of us really ever own. Our goal at JEnsley Financial is to empower you to fill your time with as many meaningful, quality experiences as possible from this moment until your time runs out. If you’re ready to start your next adventure and experience something different in your financial life, call 360-281-6495, email me at, or book an appointment online for a free consultation!

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John Ensley is a financial professional who is dedicated to empowering his clients to achieve all their financial objectives without taking unnecessary risks.

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