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Mastering the Financial Life Cycle

We all live our entire adult lives navigating the financial life cycle, earning, spending, accumulating and hopefully one day we have enough wealth for a passive income we can live on (aka retirement). The biggest mistake retirees make is attempting to go straight from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase, without allocating a least a portion to the all-important preservation phase.

Financial Success, without taking unnecessary risks...

Wondering what to do with your retirement nest egg? Worried about how much you could lose in roller-coaster markets? Will Inflation eat away your purchasing power? What about deflation? Stagflation? Running out of money? Penalties? taxes? I can help you sort it all out and reach your financial goals without taking unnecessary risks…

Common-Sense Strategies

So, who is this John Ensley character anyway?

John Ensley, ChFC® works with those who don’t just want to have a retirement plan, but who want to design an amazing life! He can help you reach your financial goals, without taking unnecessary risks!

After slogging it out for years in the corporate world, John had a wake-up call in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. He realized he wasn’t living his best life and his beliefs about money and finance seemed to play a central role. He looked around and wondered, “why am I doing it this way?” “Why is everyone doing it this way?” These questions, and many others, led John on a journey of self-discovery and education that encompassed a formal financial education, hundreds of books, blogs, podcasts and channels and more than a few “learning experiences” from the school of life. John says “it’s a journey that continues to this day and will continue to my last day!”

John launched J-Ensley Financial in 2012 with a passion to help others, just like himself, who wanted to get off the hamster wheel and start designing their best life using the philosophies and financial tools his journey had revealed. Over the past decade of serving clients, John developed the T.I.P.S. Planning Protocol, a simple process to reach financial goals without taking unnecessary risks. He holds the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation (ChFC®) from The American College of Financial Services and has passed the rigorous FINRA Series 65 exam (The NASAA Investment Advisers Law Examination). Areas of focus include retirement/passive income planning, wealth preservation strategies, tax deferral strategies, self-financing strategies and practical retirement and lifestyle design strategies.

John and his wife, Amber (and their little schnoodle Mazie) reside in the little Puget Sound town of Shelton, WA but live, work and play during some of the winter months in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. John is also a Dad, a Grandpa, a U.S. Army veteran (Airborne Infantry), a U.S. Coast Guard licensed sailboat captain and certified sailing instructor.