Hi, I’m John Ensley

John_EnsleyI’m a Dad, a Grandpa, an entrepreneur, a veteran, an adventurer and a consummate lover of life and liberty.

My mission is to help savvy families, businesses and investors accumulate more wealth and experience maximum safety, control, tax efficiency and privacy in their financial lives.

I am not a certified financial plannerI do not offer “investment” advice or make “buy” or “sell” recommendations for stocks, bonds or mutual funds, other than to recommend that you get out of the rigged Wall Street casino altogether.

I don’t “manage” your money or your retirement plan funds, but I do co-create unique financial strategies with you – to establish a safe haven where your wealth can accumulate safely and predictably over a lifetime. 

Ultimately, I help my clients achieve what we all want with our money at the end of the day – Guaranteed, Passive, Income Streams for Life! This is the true meaning of what most people refer to as “retirement.”

After my company retirement plan imploded during the tech bubble burst of the early 2000’s and then nearly losing everything in the carnage following the “Great Recession” of 2007/2008, I came to realize that much of the status quo “financial advice” I received was little more than speculative mumbo-jumbo touted by sharp dressed “planners” with an alphabet of “credentials” after their names. Believing there must a better way, I began an intensive, self-directed, financial education.

Through an online community of successful entrepreneurs, I came to learn about a unique wealth building strategy using specially structured insurance contracts that was different than anything I had ever come across before. I implemented these strategies in my own life and business and have been sharing them with anyone who will listen ever since.

The burning question I had at the time was “why is it that not a single one of the scores of financial planners, CPA’s, attorneys, mentors, friends or colleagues ever made me aware that this strategy was available?” I mean these folks are supposed to be the “experts,” right? The answer is simple, but sad… The vast majority of financial professionals don’t know about or understand it either!

While there is more to the story of how I came to leave a successful corporate career and start J-Ensley Financial LLC, I think the key motivation for me was a passion that people need to know about this strategy. Whether we call it “Bank On Yourself,” “Infinite Banking,” or anything else, I believe that properly structured life insurance and annuity contracts should form at least a portion (if not the foundation) of every American family’s financial plans…

I know first hand what a huge difference it would have made in my life if I had just known this strategy existed prior to the 2007/2008 recession. If I can be the conduit to help make that difference in someone else’s life before the next melt down hits, I can’t think of anything more important or more fulfilling that I could be doing. That’s a big part of why I love what I do every single day…

Finally, I am a member of a new breed of entrepreneur – I’m a digital entrepreneur. That means you won’t find me in a posh office building or fancy conference room. I work with the vast majority of my clients “virtually,” utilizing web based video conferencing and the telephone. When I’m not working from my home office here in Southwest Washington State, my “office” could just as well be a cozy little coffee shop in the Montana mountains, my home-away-from-home in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula – or just about anywhere with a phone signal and an internet connection… Technology can be a wonderful thing!

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and yours soon!